trailer 06157



Gross weight = 1600-2500kg

Gross weight distribution:Via wheel tyres = 1500kg

Via a lock of hooking device = 100kg

Equipped trailer mass = 1100kg  Load-carrying capacity = 500-1400kg

Body interior dimensions:

Length = 4,45m

Width = 2,1m

Height = 2,07m

The body is made of sandwich panels: inner lining – fiberboard, polystyrene foam filling, siding - aluminum plate

Panels thickness:

Floor = 46mm

Walls = 24mm

Roof = 27mm

Doors = 24mm

Floor covering: linoleum

Independent spring suspension Interior equipment:furniture,interior lighting 220 V.Possible additional equipment:  switchboard with counting indicator,independent water supply exhaust fan,a block of sockets 220 V,gas cell,gas heater,cold-storage box and refrigerated display cases.